Setting Up Subsplash Giving

Welcome to the Subsplash Giving migration guide! The good news is that we've automatically transferred your account to Subsplash Giving along with all your donors' secure information including their ACH, credit cards on file, and their recurring gifts. All that's left a few things to finalize your account. Follow along with the steps below to get up and running in no time!


Step 1: Accept your Subsplash Giving Dashboard invitation

In order to opt into Subsplash Giving, be sure to select Activate Giving in the email you received from our team, or from within the Custom Church Apps Console:


Once you opt into Subsplash Giving, you will be sent an invitation via email, much like the one below. Simply accept the invite and set up your password.


Tip: Once you've confirmed your account, you might want to invite any other users who will need backend access to your Giving records by going to Settings > UsersInvite User.


Step 2: Customize your Giving page

Once you've accepted your invitation to the Subsplash Giving Dashboard, go ahead and click here to access your account's General Settings. From there, scroll down to the "Custom Theme" section to being customizing your Giving page to match your organization's branding!



Step 3: Add Subsplash Giving to your app

Adding Subsplash Giving to your app is quick and easy:

  1. Click here to navigate to your General Settings page
  2. Select "Copy" next to your "Standalone Giving Link"
  3. Click here to navigate to the your CCA Console
  4. Locate your Giving button on either the Home Screen menu or the Navigation Tabs menu
  5. If the click action of your giving button says "Display a web page", paste your new link into the URL field. If the click action of your button says "Display an app screen", head on over to the Online Giving menu and paste your link into the Giving URL box.
  6. Select "Save Changes" to save and then "Go Live" to publish your changes to your app!

If your giving button says "Display a web page":



If your giving button says "Display an app screen":



Step 4: Add Subsplash Giving to your website

The last step in setting up Subsplash Giving is to add it to your website. You can do this quickly and easily by simply linking a button on your website to the same "Standalone Giving Link" you used when adding Giving to your app:


If you wish to embed Subsplash Giving into your website, you can simply use the "Type" dropdown found in the General Settings page (click here) to switch your link from the "Standalone Link" to the "iFrame Embed". Once you've done that, simply copy the code and paste it into the custom code section of your website builder:



That's it!

Now that you've set up Subsplash Giving, your donations should continue processing seamlessly. We highly recommend checking out our library of knowledge articles to get a more in-depth understanding of the platform. Click here to go there now!

Should you need any further assistance, our team of experts is here to help. Click here to reach out to our Subsplash Giving team!


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