Request app transfer

Once your Apple developer account has been set up and CCA has been invited as an admin in App Store Connect, we can transfer your app from our developer account to yours.

Step 1

Find your Team Name, Team Agent Apple ID, and Team ID — all are available in the Apple Developer Center. You can submit this via your CCA Console, by selecting App Store and then Developer Account.

Here is an example screenshot from the Apple Developer Center: 



Step 2

Notify us that everything is set up appropriately using the form below.

Once we’ve verified the invitation and received your Team Name, Apple ID, and Team ID, we will initiate the app transfer from our account to yours. You will be notified by App Store Connect that the transfer request is waiting to be approved. 

Step 3

Once you’ve received notice of the transfer, go to the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section of App Store Connect to accept it. There is a form to fill out with some of your organization info.

For New App Metadata, fill out the following:

Support URL:

Marketing URL:


Step 4

The app now lives on your developer account and we can update it! At this point, if you need/want an app update, fill out the App Update Request form and we will begin that process.

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