How do I create my Google Play publishing API?

This article outlines the third step in setting up your organization's Google Play developer account. You can read more about this by clicking here!


Step 3: Create your Google Publishing API (5-10 min.)

This step in the Google developer process is what allows our team to make changes and improvements to your apps going forward! To do so, we'll need to create an API key that is securely submitted to and stored by our team for your Google Play developer account. 


1. Go to and select Settings then select API Access in the left-hand navigation menu.


2. Select Create New Project under the "Getting Started" section:



3. Under "Service Accounts", select Create Service Account:



4. A pop-up will display. Go ahead and click on the hyperlink titled Google API Console. This will open a new browser tab:



5. In your new browser tab, agree to Google Cloud's terms of service by checking the box and selecting Agree and Continue:



6. Select Create Service Account found at the top of the page:



7. On the next page, enter Google Play in the "Service Account Name" field and select Create:



8. Underneath "Service Account Permissions", click on the "Role" dropdown and select Service AccountsService Account User then select Continue when done:




9. On the next page, go ahead and select Create Key, verify that "JSON" is selected for the key type, then select Create:




10. A prompt will appear notifying you of a downloaded "Private key". If your computer prompts you to allow the download, you will want to allow. It is important to make a note of the file name and/or the download location of this file, for later use.


 If you're having trouble downloading the JSON file, try repeating these steps in a different browser (we recommend using Chrome!)


11. Once the file has been downloaded, navigate to your original browser tab/window and select Done:



12. Now that you're back in your Google Play console, select Grant Access:



13. Lastly, you'll want to ensure that Release Manager is selected for "Role". Once that's done, select Add User on the bottom and you can move on the final step!



Now that you have created an API key for our team, go ahead and navigate to the App Store page in your CCA Console to submit your API key securely to our team! Once that's done, you can submit a Google Play transfer request:



Step 4: Request an App Transfer

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