How do I register as a Google Play developer?

This article outlines the first step in setting up your organization's Google Play developer account. You can read more about this by clicking here!


Step 1: Register for a Google Play developer account (2-5 min.)

Now that you have your Google Account, you are going to want to register it for a Google Play developer account. This process will cost your organization a one-time developer registration fee of $25 but should be very quick and simple!


1. Go to and login with your organization's Google Account if you are not already logged in.

If you are prompted with the following message, check with your organization's Gsuite admin to make sure you are granted access to the "Google Play Console".



2. Verify that you are logged into the correct Google Account in the You are signed in as... section of this page:


How do I create a Google Account for my organization? 


3. Accept developer agreement and continue to payment:



4. Submit your payment info and select Buy to make your one-time payment of $25:



5. Once your payment is complete, select continue registration to move on to the last portion of your registration. You will be sent an email that you need to keep ahold of in order to complete the last step in this article:



6. To finalize your registration, fill out this last form and select Complete Registration when done:




Warning!  Be sure to follow the next steps below before proceeding to the next article! 


Before proceeding, you will need to submit 3 things in the App Store page in your CCA Console:


1 - 2. In order to transfer your app, our team will need you to submit your Developer Name & Account Email. These can be found in your Google Play Console by clicking on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the page:



3. When you complete payment for your Google developer registration you will receive an email with the subject line Google: Thank YouLocated in this email is your Order Number (also referred to as an Order ID or Transaction ID) :


You can also find your Order ID by navigating to and browsing your purchases.


Once you've located these three things you can click here to navigate to the App Store page within your CCA Console, where you'll be able to submit this information for our team:


Be sure to save after you enter your information!


Step 2: Invite Subsplash

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