How do I create a Google Account for my organization?

If your organization does not yet have a Google Account (Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, etc.), then you will need to create one so that you can proceed to the first step in setting up your Google Play Developer account. Note that this account cannot be changed, so we highly recommend creating or using an account that is generic in nature and tied to your organization (I.E.


1. Click here to sign in or sign up for your Google Account



2. If you are using a pre-existing Google Account, you can simply sign in and move on to registering as a Google developer. For those creating a brand new Google Account, you will select Create Account and fill out the following forms:





3. Lastly, you'll be prompted to agree to Google's Privacy and Terms. Select I agree and you're all done!



Should you have any difficulty with your Google Account, we recommend utilizing Google's support page.


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