In short: We never take any personal information from any app user. We do track some app usage and session time, but that is completely anonymous. We never collect any personal information such as email, SMS calendar, etc. For your reading pleasure, you can read further in our privacy policy


Identity: This is needed to install the app. Pretty much every app in the app store requires this.

Calendar: This is being used to add events to your calendar. We only add to your calendar and never read from it.

Contacts: This is only being used by using the Proclaim Presentation Software add-on. Proclaim is a presentation software where sometimes people want to share contact information through their Proclaim Signals. This part allows you to add that information to your contact list. Nothing will ever be read from your contacts by our app, only added to it if you choose to do so.

Location: This will only be used for location services such as google maps or apple maps. We don’t track your location or movements. 

Sms: This permission allows the app to share something from the app through SMS. We don’t read SMS, we only invoke the SMS handler for the phone itself.

Photos: We have built a custom feature for a select few apps that requires this permission. For general app use, you don't come across any need to allow this. 

Microphone: We are developing an optional feature to record audio journal entries.

Wifi connection information: Simply to check if you have a wifi connection. If that’s the case we’ll allow for higher resolution images or videos in certain cases.

Device ID & call information: The device ID is to register the device for push notifications and the call information is so the app can make outgoing phone calls to whatever number is entered in the console.

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