How to setup your church calendar with Google

There's two ways to get the iCal URL for the google calendar.

The quick way

If you have an embedded calendar you usually have a URL that's like this:

This URL can be used to embed your calendar into a website or other but doesn't directly work for the app. We need the iCal URL. To create that use this as your base URL:

Replace the with your email address from the embed code and add it to the console. The console will also verify if it's a correct link to an iCal.


The long way

The first step is to create a google account and create an account if you don't already have one.

Once you're logged in, follow these steps:


  1. Open your calendar:


  1. Then go to your calendar settings:

  1. Once there, Go to Calendars > Select the name of your calendar you want to integrate into your app (in this case, my name) > Make sure your calendar is made public by editing your SHARING and checking the box that says public


  1. Go back to your Calendar Settings and click the name of your calendar again. Then copy the iCal feed link that will pop up when you select the green ICAL button by your Gmail Calendar ID.


  1. Then you can create a button in your console for the app and set the action to display a media source. Create a new media source and select calendar feed. And lastly, paste in your URL address for your Gmail calendar.


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