Add a video to your homescreen

Our app platform has the ability to embed either a YouTube video or Vimeo video on the home screen of your app.

This can be a great tool for a welcome video, your most recent video sermon or a featured video you want to highlight right as people open up their app.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Go to your home screen and click the "Add" button.

2. This will show you all the different components you can add to your home screen. To add the video, click the video tile

3. This will give you some spacing options to put the video exactly how you want it.

4. If you haven't added a video before, click add media source and pick either YouTube or Vimeo video based on what video you want to display.

5. Enter a title for the video and enter the URL of the video. The URL of the video is the URL you can find in the address bar of your browser.


For YouTube it will look something like this:

For Vimeo it will look something like this:

Simply put in the URL and click done until you're back at the home screen.

Click save and go live to see it in action in your app!



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