How to create a custom form

A great way to connect with your audience is through the use of forms.

You can ask for their prayer needs, you can ask for feedback, ask for accountability or even do a simple check-in form.

Setting up a form is easy, here's a quick tutorial.

  1. Go to the "Form Builder" tab on the left side menu.
    Here you'll you all the forms you currently have. Most apps have 4 default forms: prayer request, new here, join a small group and app feedback

    For the sake of this tutorial we'll create a new form to sign up for volunteering at a conference.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new form

  3. Fill out the title of your form and give it a description.
    We recommend you upload a form banner. this will be displayed above the description and will make your form look a lot better.

    Enter the email address you want the form submission sent to. Don't worry if you don't want to fill it out, we save all the form submissions in our database for you to see. (click here for more information).

    Enter the subject that will be the subject in your email. If you want you can change the text of your submit button in the 'button text' field.

  4. The next step is to determine what information we want the user to fill out in the form. For our conference we want to know the users name, email, where they want to serve, what services they can attend and if they have any questions.

    For this we will need a text field, email field, a dropdown field, checkbox fields and a textarea.

    A new form comes with 3 standard fields: name, email and comments.
    Let's change the comments to questions and we're halfway there!
  5. Let's add a new field for the area they can volunteer in. Click the 'add' button towards the bottom to add a new form field.
  6. Enter the title and description and select drop down for the control type and check the box 'required'. This will require the user to fill out that part of the form. Otherwise it can't be submitted.
    Add some items to the dropdown option by clicking the 'add' button


  7. Click 'done' to back to the form.
  8. Let's add a couple checkboxes to ask in which service they want to volunteer.

    Fill in the field name and description and make sure the control type is set to checkbox. repeat this for all the services someone can volunteer.

  9. This is what the field will end up looking like in the form

  10. Click done and save changes to make sure the form is saved
  11. Next thing we need to do is add this form to a button in the app:
    Go to 'home screen' and select the button container. Add a new button and select the appropriate icon.
    Set the click action to 'form'

  12. Click done until you are back at the home screen. After that click save and go live and enjoy your volunteers signing up!



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