Custom Lists

A great feature to utilize in the development of your app is custom lists. A custom list is a media source that allows you to condense multiple features, or list them under one button, tab, or icon in the app.

To create a custom list:

1. Create a new button, icon, or tab:


2. Create your first list:


Add a new media source > custom list:


3. Begin adding list items. These can be any type of media source, webpage, app screen, etc. You can also upload a List Banner above your list items. Read about that here.



4. Add your list items: Choose your icons, label and display a click action for each one:



5. Continue adding more list items, or reorder them (click and drag):





6. Once you're satisfied with this custom list, continue customizing the rest of the app!


...did you know you can add custom lists within a custom list? Simply repeat the process of adding a list item that you want to add another list to:





And you're done! 

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