August 10th, 2016

We are always working hard to improve the console. Every update includes improvements for speed and stability. As new features become available we'll highlight those below

New video options


With this update, we have a couple more video options for you. We've added Facebook videos and Custom videos.
You can either embed these on the homepage or have them open in a new view.

On top of that, there is now the option to add some content to your videos such as a description and a shareable URL.
The shareable URL can be used for when you want to share a different URL than the video itself, such as a live stream where you want to share your website instead.

Visit our support page to learn more about how to setup videos



 Custom Icons


You could already add custom icons to the home screen and navigation bar, but with this update, you are now able to upload custom icons to your Side menu.

Tip: You can also upload a custom background to your sidebar

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