How to find your Facebook video

Our app has the ability to embed a Facebook Video. 

Here is a quick to tutorial on how to set that up in your app.


  1. Add a new media source with the type of 'single video' and set the type to Facebook and give it a title
  2. Visit your Facebook page and find the video you want to embed.
    In our case we'll embed the Planetshakers Austin promo video from their Facebook page.
    In order to embed the video, the video need to be shared publicly and cannot be set to private.

    Here we can find the list of videos:
    Click on the video you want to embed and the video will start playing. 
    Right-click on the video and choose the option 'show video url'

    This will show you an input field with the video url that we can use in the app.
    Copy that link and put it in the url input in the console.

    This is the link for the promo video for Planetshakers Austin:
  3. Add the video to a button or list and your video will be embedded right into the app
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