How to integrate Facebook

Many churches have their own public facebook account. This account can contain so much different information such as events, photos, videos or other posts.

With Custom Church Apps you can now integrate these things into your app.

*Note: your facebook page needs to be a public page in order for this feature to work


  1. To integrate your app with your public facebook page add a media source and select "Facebook"
  2. Fill out the "Facebook Page Name" in the console

    You facebook page name is the username from your facebook. For example, if the url to your facebook page is '', your facebook page name would be 'planetshakersAustin'. 

  3. Select the type of content you want to show in the media source.
  • Posts will contain all posts that the account owner has posted on their wall. This means videos, events, photos, etc.
  • Videos will only show all the videos you've posted
  • Events will only show all the events that have been made public.
    App users can add these events to their personal calendar

Here is an example of what that looks like:

03.png 04.png

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