Adding Events

The app has the option to embed existing calendars such as Google calendar or any other exported iCal. However, these calendars often contain a minimal amount of information. 

Creating events through the console will allow you to make your events looks amazing and add many more details you otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Here's a brief overview of how to create events:

  1. Go to the content screen in the console and click "Add" and select "Event List" from the selector
  2. Once you've created the event list, you'll see two tabs on the top left: 'General' and 'Events'.
    The general tab lets you edit some general information such as the name, banner image, and display style. The Events tab lets you add events.
    Enter a name for your events list
  3. Go to the Events tab and click the 'Add' button.
  4. Start by filling out the title, event description, and the start/end date of the event.
    Keep in mind that the published date is not the start date of your event, but the date the event will be visible in the app
  5. When you've filled out all the necessary details click "Done" and "Save and Publish" to publish the changes to your event list.

Here's the list of properties and their description:

  • Title: Title of the event
  • Start Date/Time: Start date and time of the event
  • End Date/Time: End date and time of the event
  • Web Page URL: A website with additional information related to your event
  • Web Page Title: becomes the link text 
  • Location name: name of the location of your event (eg. East Campus)
  • Location address: actual address of your event
  • Map coordinates: coordinates of the event location that will be used to create a map that displays the location of the event


Here's what that an event can look like:





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