Adding a Podcast

The app has the option to integrate other existing podcasts. However, these podcasts are often contain limited in what you can add to the content. With this content type, you can now add video, audio, shareables and your own content.

Here's a brief overview on how to create a new Podcast:

  1. Go to the content screen in the console and click "Add" and select "Podcast" from the selector
  2. General Tab: Fill out the title of the podcast and a subtitle if needed. Select the category that best fits your podcast content and fill in the author and the copyright. You can also fill out a summary if needed for a quick description of your podcast.
    You can also upload an image that will be used as your banner image and your podcast channel image.
    Finally, you can set the display style type at the bottom.
  3. Episodes Tab: Here you can add new episodes to your podcast. Click the 'Add' button to add new episodes. 
    Enter a title and your episode summary. The category should be reflecting a category for that item, just like the author. The category could be a sermon series that the episode is a part of.
    The published date is the date when the episode will become visible in the app.
  4. Media section
    The media section allows you to add any audio, video or images to the episode. 
    For images, you can add a banner image and up to 3 shareable images that people can share by clicking on the image. Great for sharing a podcast on any social media platform.
    For the audio, you can enter the URL of an audio file and it will be added to the app.
    You can also add various video types to the app screen: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and your own hosted video (eg. .mp4).
    If you have a pdf file you would like to attach, you can add it in the documents tab.



You can create multiple podcasts if needed. For example, it might be a good idea to create new podcasts for a new series like Inland Church has done with their app:


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