Creating Sermon Notes

An incredibly powerful way to engage your audience is to use sermon notes. Sermon notes can be a couple fill in the blanks or a more comprehensive note-taking, for users to write down an answer or write down their thoughts on a subject. 

In the sermon notes content type you can add these types of input from journal users. All the information is stored on the cloud with their journal account, so the notes that are taken are transferrable to other devices as well!


Above the regular markup button, you'll see a couple of different buttons that will help you create sermon notes. This is what that looks like:


  1. Blank: This button adds a fill in the blank field into your content. From the dropdown, you can pick multiple sizes depending on the amount that needs to be entered

  2. Line: This button adds a full line editable field

  3. Textarea: This button will add an editable field that is multiple lines

  4. Editor: This button will add a button to your content with the text “edit notes” and will open up a full-screen editor, like the journal editor.

In the app itself, users can choose to share all their notes or copy the whole section to their journal and continue editing the notes from there.

Keep in mind that the app users need to be logged in, in order to make use of the sermon notes to ensure the saving of the notes.

Here is what the example from above would look like in an app:



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