Adding an App Screen

App screens are meant to be viewed as a single page of content. Whereas podcasts or blogs usually have multiple items inside, this page is meant to be a standalone page.

App screens can be used to create an "About Us" screen, create a bulletin page or any other content you would like to display on a single page.

In order to create an App Screen make sure you're signed in to the console and go to the content section.

  1. Go to the content screen in the console and click "Add" and select "App Screen" from the selector
  2. Give your app screen a title. This title will also be on the top of your mobile device as the name of this app screen.
  3. Start adding some content by clicking on the "Edit Content" button. This will bring up a new panel on the right that will allow you to add text, images and more to your app screen.
  4. Finally, you add a banner image and a video. The video can be YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or a self-hosted video (such as a .mp4).
  5. When you've filled everything out click the save and publish button
  6. To preview the changes in the app, either refresh the preview or pull down the content in the preview to force the app screen to reload


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