How to integrate Vimeo

Setting up Vimeo integration is a quick and simple process.

  1. Select the button or tab that you want to show your Vimeo videos
  2. Change the icon accordingly
  3. Set the click action to "Display a media source" and make sure the Media Source is set to "New Media Source"
  4. Click the button below "Add Media source"
  5. Pick "Vimeo Feed" from the options shown in the dialog
  6. Enter an appropriate title for the media source. This title will show on the top of the app.
    If you have your Vimeo page, enter the username in the Vimeo ID field.
    For example, if your Vimeo page is "", citybiblechurch would be your Vimeo ID.

  7. Optional: You can add a banner to the Vimeo feed to make it look even better.
    Simply drag and drop an image to the "Upload Image" section or click it to select an image instead.



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