Recommended Wordpress calendar plugins

Wordpress is a very powerful content management system used for a lot of websites.

As an app company, we are seeing a lot of churches using this software and we thought it would be a great idea to show you what tools for WordPress can really benefit you working with our app system.


Events Calendar 

Our app can integrate most iCal files or ICS files from all different sources. Wordpress has a lot of free plugins that you can use on your website to create your events calendar and integrate it with your app.

One of these plugins is The Events Calendar (Click here)
This plugin will let you create a calendar and export it as an iCal to integrate with our app or your personal calendar.

When your calendar is set up, simply click "Export Listed Events" and you'll receive the iCal. Copy the link to the iCal file into the console (for calendar feed media source) from here and you're all done.





Below are some screenshots of what the calendar looks like. Click here for a live demo:





All In One Event Calendar

Another calendar plugin is "All in one Event Calendar" (click here)

Once you've setup your calendar, click the subscribe button at the bottom and choose "other calendars". Copy that link into your calendar media feed in the console and you're good to go.



You can click here for a live demo:

Below are some screenshots of this plugin




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