Redirecting people with push notifications

With a push notification, you can alert someone for a certain event or an updated sermon or podcast. 

What if you want to take your app users directly to that part of the app?

Easy! You can now do this with your push notifications.


1. Go to your push notifications screen and create your message with title and message.

2. Underneath the checkbox "schedule message" you'll see a dropdown that says "message action". Click the text-only option and you'll see the options you'll have to redirect users.



Let's say for example we want people to let us know what they think of the app, we would simply redirect them to our 'contact us' form. 

3. Select the form option in the "message action" dropdown. After which a form selection dropdown will appear. Select the appropriate form and click Send Message (or schedule message)IMAGE_11-14-19_AT_4.07_PM__1_.jpeg


The available message actions are:

  • Text
    Send a plain text message
  • Form
    Redirect people for a form
  • Media
    Redirect people to a media source such as podcasts, live stream, calendars, etc.
  • App screen
    Redirect people to the bible, reading plan, journal or a custom view
  • Weblink (URL) 
    Redirect people to a web page using the in-app web browser




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