Integrating your Wordpress blog into the app

Websites created with Wordpress work great with our app.

If you have a blog you want to integrate you can do that really easily. 


For most Wordpress websites you can simply add /feed to the end of your website and you'll get an RSS feed that you set up as a blog type with our media source feature.

For example, has a blog that we frequently update with some great articles. The blog can be found here:

If we want to grab the RSS feed simply add /feed and we'll have it:


(Sometimes you need to add feed.xml after instead of just /feed/)


Depending on your Wordpress configuration you'll only see the titles of the articles and no content inside the app.
There are 2 ways of fixing this.

  1. Setup Wordpress to include content in your RSS feed.
    Login to your admin section for Wordpress and go to Settings -> Reading.
    Here you'll find an option to show the content for each article in the RSS feed.
    Select "full text" and click save changes to show the content of your article in the RSS feed. This way the user won't have to leave the app to read your article.

  2. Another option is to set the media source to always open the article in the in-app browser.
    You can do that by checking the box that says "display content in browser window"


Because Wordpress generates RSS feeds for pretty much anything, you can create an RSS feed for any category or tag that you want.

You can read more about that here:



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