How to setup polling in your app

Polling is a great tool to get a quick opinion on a question, but also a great way to create more user interaction with the app and the app owner.

Before start creating polls, it is important to understand the structure of the setup.
All the polls are listed in a series. These series can contain multiple polls and only one can be active at the time. You can make a poll active in the series by date, top of the list, or manually marked as active.

This way you only have to link to a poll series in the app without having to update the link to the poll.
Because of this, you can also set it up to change automatically over time.

Note: all polls include a live update on the results. If there are enough people voting you'll see the votes come in and change the results instantly.



Creating a poll series

  1. Go to "polling" on the left side menu
  2. Click the +add button to create a new poll series and fill out the name.
  3. Select the type that will determine what poll is active in the series
    - Top poll in the list (default): the poll on the top of the list is the one that is active
    - Manually marked: adds a button to the polls to mark which one you want to be active
    - By date: adds a date picker to the poll. This will show the poll that has a date set that is after and the closest to today's date.

Creating a Poll

  1. When you've finished creating your poll series you can add a poll by clicking the +add button in the series
  2. Click on the newly created poll to edit it and you'll see a similar screen to this
  3. Enter a title and a question and create some answers. By default, the answers are buttons with a default blue color, but you can change that to any color you want.

  4. Click the "Done" button and your poll will be saved. Any changes you make outside of the poll editor screen are saved automatically.

When your poll is successfully created, you'll see a little eye icon on the poll. This button will open up a small dialog where you can see the live results of the polls coming in.


Adding a poll to your app

  1. Create a button in your app that you want the poll to link to.
  2. Set the click action to "Poll" and select the poll series you want to display in the app.
  3. And here is an example of what that could look like


Viewing the results

To view the result of the poll you can either vote yourself and see the results, or you can view them in the console.

To view the poll results in the console, go to the polling section and click the little eye icon on the poll. This will open a new view of the live results of the polls. If someone is voting while you're looking at it, you'll see the results change instantly!



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