Aug 22nd, 2017

Numbered Lists

With this update, we've added a new row template for the app.

This template allows you to automatically number all the items in your media source or content.



Updating Custom Reading Plans

With this update, we've also improved the way custom reading plans are loaded.

When you make changes to your reading plan and publish your app by going live, the reading plan will be automatically updated on all mobile devices.


A couple of side notes on updating a reading plan:

  • Passages that have been completed by an app user will not be overwritten.
    Doing this will keep their progress intact and not overwrite any of the progress they've made in order to avoid confusion.
  • If the user wants to read those passages again that you've changed, the user will have to remove the reading plan completely and add it back manually.
  • Loading the reading plan screen will force the app to check if there is a newer version available. On a slower connection, it might take longer for the plan to update.
  • The updating of the reading plan is happening behind the scenes. If you want to communicate a change to the user about the reading plan, you will have to let them know through a push notification.




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