Adding a new video or live stream

Single Video

The app supports having individual videos inside the app. 

Here's how to create a new single video item along with content

  1. From the add media source list select 'single video'
  2. In the edit screen select what type of video you want to display
  3. Let's go over the properties:
    • The title is the title that your page will have in the app
    • The url is the url of the video
    • The description is the description shown below the video in the app. Notice that HTML markup is allowed, which means you can create headers, content and links to webpages.
    • The Share URL is the url that will be shared when the share button is clicked.
      In some cases you might want to share a different url than the video itself, for example a sermon. You might not want to share the youtube video, but rather the link to your website that contains more sermons or some other resources.
    • The placeholder image only works for custom videos. Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo all generate their own images, while custom videos do not.
  4. Fill out all the properties and add the video to a button or list and it will open the video page.

Live Stream

Adding a live stream is almost the same as adding a video, except for that the url of the live stream can be different for iOS or Android.

Since the live stream now opens a new page instead of directly into your app, you can now set a placeholder image for that as well. On iOS the live stream will play inline inside the app, while on Android the live stream will start fullscreen. 

If you have any questions about live streaming please visit this page:

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