Setting up an image slider

Have you ever wanted to add an image carrousel to your app like you have on your website?

With our new platform it's now possible to do this!

Here's how you can do that:

  1. Make sure you're logged in to the console and on the 'Home Screen'
  2. Click the 'add' button under components

    This will show you a view of all the different components you can add to your homescreen.

  3. Choose the image slider component

  4. You'll see a screen with a couple different options to tweak the image slider just the way you want it.

    Height: the height of the image slider. If it's set to a lower height than the image, the image will be cutoff

    Interval: the wait time between images before it slides to the next one

    Show pager: wether to show the dots that display how many images there are in the slider

    Loop: wether to start over from the beginning when the images have reached the end, or to stop at the last one

    Padding, top spacing and bottom spacing are all common items and help you position the component the best way possible.

  5. The next step is to add some images.
    Click the 'add' button and you'll see a dialog that let's you upload an image and set the action for it.

  6. Add all the images you need and set the appropriate click action.
  7. Click done until you're back at the home page, click save and go live and you image slider is now live in your app!
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